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Nutrition Never Tasted So Good

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Real Ingredients.
Familiar Flavors.

What Your Body Needs

Our bodies demand that we fuel them up with the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients. Each Grove smoothie is made with the proper balance of fruits and vegetables and is packed with Superfoods.

Real Food

There are no fake ingredients, preservatives, and absolutely never flavored syrups with added sugars. Everything is 100%.

Something For Every Body

The Grove has crafted over 20 smoothie flavors so every single customer can find something they like. Each smoothie is a healthy take on a classic flavor so they will be familiar to every taste bud.


Worried about ordering too many? Have no fear! Raw cold-pressed juice can be stored in the freezer for months without degrading the flavor or nutrition. So a few weeks worth of frozen storage is nothing!

Freeze, thaw, drink, and save on bulk discounts as you go. This is the perfect way to keep your juice stocked and not have to worry about it going bad within a week.

The Grove is now offering a bulk discount of 15% on orders over 15 individual cold-pressed juices.

Juice Cleanse

Press Reset for a Brand New You.

"Thank You" - Your Body

A cleanse gives your body a break from unhealthy choices and toxins. Your body works hard to eliminate waste, so help it out with a cleanse.

The Grove Cleanse

We tested our cleanse to ensure the optimal lineup to clean out your system. The cleanse guide helps with times to take each juice and what it does for your body.

Customize Your Own

Choose from our lineup of cold-pressed juices to customize a cleanse. We have a wide variety to choose from, so there's something for everyone.

order smoothie supplies

Take Control & Cleanse