General FAQ

What Does Cold-Pressing Mean?
What Does Organic Mean?
How Long Will My Juice Last?
What Does Raw Juice Mean?
How Many Calories are in your products?
Is The Sugar In Your Smoothies and Juice Bad For Me?
What Are Antioxidants
Can Fats Really Be Healthy?
What Does Anti-Inflammatory Mean?
What The Heck Is A SuperFood?
Where Is The Nutritional Information?

Smoothie Prep FAQ

How long will my ingredients last?
How long do the smoothies last?
Where should i store my ingredients?
Are my ingredients washed?
What is inside of the Pre-Prepped Smoothie Mix?

Cleanse FAQ

Why Should I Cleanse? And Which One?
What does Cold-Pressing mean?
How Do I Order?
How Long Will My Juice Last?
Is the Juice Pasteurized?
When Will My Juices Be Delivered?
Am I Getting Protein When I Juice?
Will I Lose Weight?
How Much Sugar is in This?
What are Cleansing Side Effects?
Can I Cleanse if I Have a Medical Issue?
Will the Cleanse Affect My Medications?
What if I Have Diabetes?
Can I Cleanse if I am Pregnant?
Why is My Stool Red?
Why am I So Hungry?

Delivery FAQ

Where do you ship?
Do you ship to PO Boxes
Where can I find my delivery?
How Do I Order Online?