Worried about ordering too many? Have no fear! Raw cold-pressed juice can be stored in the freezer for months without degrading the flavor or nutrition. So a few weeks worth of frozen storage is nothing!

Freeze, thaw, drink, and save on bulk discounts as you go. This is the perfect way to keep your juice stocked and not have to worry about it going bad within a week.

The Grove is now offering a bulk discount of 15% on orders over 15 individual cold-pressed juices.

A healthy lifestyle should be an advantage...
not an obstacle.

Food for Health

In our society, obesity and unhealthy choices are out of control. Providing products that help you with a healthier diet is our main goal.

Real Food. Real Good.

Carefully crafted, Superfood-packed Cold-Pressed Juice, Smoothie Kit, Bone Broth, and other healthy products at affordable prices.

Doorstep Delivery

Sign up for Smoothie Kit, Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse, or Bone Broth subscription deliveries! No more long lines or picking through produce at the store.

Food Revolution

Our food philosophy is choosing to be local and "organic-first" while keeping costs low, so we encourage healthy habits that everyone can afford.

Shop Products

All of our Healthy Goodness in One Spot.

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+ Cold-Pressed Juice
+ Mineral H2O
+ Wellness Shots
+ Bone Broth

A Healthy Habit

Healthy has never tasted so good. Choose from all of your favorite cold-pressed juices, smoothie kits, clean eats, wellness shots, and superfood supplements.

Seamless Subscriptions

Sign up for a subscription and receive your order on a regular interval. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, to monthly. As easy as can be.

Juice Cleanse

Press Reset for a Brand New You.

"Thank You" - Your Body

A cleanse gives your body a break from unhealthy choices and toxins. Your body works hard to eliminate waste, so help it out with a cleanse.

The Grove Cleanse

We tested our cleanse to ensure the optimal lineup to clean out your system. The cleanse guide helps with times to take each juice and what it does for your body.

Customize Your Own

Choose from our lineup of cold-pressed juices to customize a cleanse. We have a wide variety to choose from, so there's something for everyone.

Cleanse Schedule

We deliver cleanses on a regular basis so you can plan a detox schedule. You can keep your body balanced and won't have to think twice about it!

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Take Control & Cleanse


Have a kitchen or break room fridge that is full of soda and preservatives? The Grove will stock your fridge full of healthy and colorful juice.

If you are interested in stocking cold-pressed juice in your office or break room, but don’t have the fridge space, don’t you worry. We have a program where we will supply and stock juice fridge for $5 per month rental/service fee.

Smoothie Kit

Our Smoothies, Your Choices, In Your Kitchen.

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Your Choice

With The Grove, you get to choose what smoothies you want! Each recipe comes with fruits, veggies, and our pre-prepped smoothie mixture. Pour in your blender and have a delicious and nutritious smoothie in seconds.

A Better You Inside

We combine Superfoods with everyone's favorite fruits and vegetables so they are full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and also incredibly tasty.

On Your Schedule

Options made with you in mind. Choose from a weekly, monthly or yearly plan where smoothie kit boxes are delivered with no worries.

What You Need

We only send you the amount you need. You never have to worry about excess ingredients that will go to waste or fridge space.