Break Room Smoothies

Smoothie Kits come complete with portioned out smoothie ingredients that your break room visitors can pour into the break room blender for a quick nutritious smoothie!

Bagels and donuts weigh your employees down and the morning with carbs. A healthy smoothie gets the mind going and leads to productivity.

Why Break Room Smoothies?

We combine Superfoods with everyone's favorite fruits and vegetables so they are full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and also incredibly tasty.
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The Grove will routinely drop off smoothie ingredients in jars that are easy to dump right in the blender after adding a little ice. Make our smoothies in a matter of seconds and enjoy!

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Healthy employees start with a healthy diet. Ensuring access to fruits and vegetables can increase healthy consumption for employees and replace high calorie foods.

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Smoothies are the perfect way to get a fiberous consumption of fruits, vegetables, and other Superfoods in a quick delicious drink. Break Room Smoothies come portioned out for maxiumum nutrition in ready-made recipes.

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Bagels and donuts weigh employees down with carbs and mind fog. A healthy smoothie full of fruits and veggies gets the mind going and leads to increased productivity.


When do we get it?

We drop off our smoothie kits every week so that it always stays fresh. All smoothie ingredients can be kept in the freezer and fridge so they stay fresh for the week.

What does it include?

Our Break Room Smoothie program provides your workplace with a blender, jars, and our ready-made smoothie ingredients for employees to enjoy a quick nutrious smoothie!

What does it cost?

There is no cost up front. We allow you to set the price for the smoothies in the range of $5-$7. We can collect the money beforehand, or use the honor system and collect at each drop-off.

Where do we store it?

All smoothie ingredients can be kept in the freezer and fridge so they stay fresh for the week. The nutribullet will go right on the break room counter.

How long does it take?

All smoothies can be blended in under 5 minutes once the ingredients, liquid and ice is mixed together.


Hear what some of our customers have to say!

"Starting our day off with a fresh juice is exactly what we need. We work in sales, and need the energy to keep us motivated and excited about our deals. Whether it was a long night, or early morning, the nutrition we get from our fresh juice give us the kick that gets us through the day! The fact that they deliver right to our office… Two healthy thumbs up!”

Lindsay Gregg

The Strauss Group

"Every Tuesday, we get a shipment of juice for my team and we enjoy our days with a healthy kick. We used to come in after the weekend and a need a boost. The Grove brought that with their juice."

Sarah Danna

Fidelis Healthcare